Oh hey, so a new expansion happened.

Welcome to Pandaria!

A website facelift is underway, so some stuff will look funny if it even works at all until I get everything fully changed over to the new look.

In the meantime, go level or something.

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Last Pull Madness

Our Madness of Deathwing [25N] kill was in typical Ehrenguard style:

Wipe < 5% and want to hang yourself.
Wipe a few more times, one eye on the clock,
waiting for midnight to come and release us from the suffering.
Gather up for “Last Pull of The Night” This is it, folks. This is what you have been trained for.

$Gameface = “ON”;

Tanks all die with >5% left because they get turned inside-out from the AOE + the adds.
Raid damage is unbelievably heavy, people dropping like flies–
Boom, I’m dead. Doesn’t matter, I was OOM a minute ago
and healing with sharp sticks and harsh language.
Boss miraculously dies to DOT ticks and the last
desperate DPS with almost everyone dead.

I was convinced it was a 1% wipe then the achievement popped up on my screen.

WoL: Madness of Deathwing

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“Back” in The Saddle Again– Get it?

Ehrenguard has just defeated the Spine of Deathwing on 25[N].

It was an interesting night, and we were incredibly close the entire time. Once we were able to get the plates off in one lift, dumb shit like Eulynn getting blown off the back or eaten by amalgamations started happening.

We filled the empty 25th slot with our buddy Vortexx, who promptly disengaged and flew off the dragon about 90 seconds into the fight :) We finally pulled it together on that attempt and picked up a big win.

WoL: Spine of Deathwing

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Somewhere above the frozen sea

Some new news to report. We walked into Dragon Soul and 3-shot Ultraxion and 1-shot Warmaster Blackhorn. Not bad for the first hour.

Of course we didn’t take screenshots, so you get to look at a picture of me, instead.

WOL: Ultraxion
WOL: Warmaster Blackhorn

We got a few decent attempts in at Spine of Deathwing on 25[N] so hopefully that will be dropping soon.

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For a good time, Call 1-800-DRUIDIA

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Ragnaros – falls to Ehrenguard 25

Congrats to all that helped make it happen!

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Majodomo down for the count

Only took us about a dozen attempts overall, half of which were during disconnects, to get him down.

We’ve started working on Ragnaros….hoping to make good progress in the next week or so.

Great job team!

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Firelands progression

Ehrenguard has been working its way through Firelands with our most recent kill of Alysrazor…..we got Majordomo to 18% looking to get a kill soon……

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